Lisa - Malaysia - Inspiring, yet approachable

Lisa - Malaysia –
Inspiring, yet approachable


  • A magazine for young women who have a rooted and traditional mindset, yet are modern- thinking & experimental, warm and down-to-earth.
  • Lisa Readers LOVE to shop and 95% are willing to try a new product!
  • Looking good is an important part of the Lisa Reader’s lifestyle


A how to variety monthly magazine which strikes the right chord with both readers and advertisers in terms of its relevancy, image and affordability - giving it mass appeal and reach. Lisa delivers smart advice and well-researched content to an educated yet reserved young audience in a non-threatening, non-judgemental package. A mentor, friend, personal shopper, beautician, entertainer, travel agent, interior decorator and counsellor - Lisa is the perfect comfort zone for young Malay women who want to explore life’s possibilities, safely & meaningfully. Lisa Readers are young, single, with traditional values and modern lifestyles. The core readers are between 18-35 years old and thrive on fashion, beauty and lifestyle trend updates as well as tips to live and work smart. 


  • Erscheinungsweise: monatlich
  • Segment: Women
  • Copypreis: 3,90 RMB
  • Grundpreis (1/1 Seite 4c): 5.000 RMB
  • Verkaufte Auflage:  50.000 1)
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