Lisa. Dobrye Sovety (Lisa. Good Advice) - Advice for all occasions

Lisa. Dobrye Sovety (Lisa. Good Advice) –
Advice for all occasions

Why Lisa. Dobrye Sovety (Lisa. Good Advice)?

  • The largest coverage among monthly magazines for women
  • The most popular monthly magazine for women with unique concept
Lisa. Dobrye Sovety (Lisa. Good advice) is a monthly magazine for women. Its main topics: secrets of good looking and good health, of house comfort and harmony in relations with relatives.
Each issue of the magazine starts with the interview with a very famous woman who tells about her private life, professional successes, about her house, family and children.
Lisa. Dobrye Sovety tells about everything that the modern woman can be interested in. Stylish ideas and fashionable accents. Cosmetics novelties. The menu of health and beauty recipes. Children and parents. Family budget and career. Lawyer expertise. Stories about successful women. Independent tests of home appliances and products.
Every month the magazine publishes 8 original recipes to fill the personal collection!


  • Erscheinungsweise: monatlich
  • Segment: Women
  • Copypreis: 200,00 KZT
  • Grundpreis (1/1 Seite 4c): 376.530 KZT
  • Verkaufte Auflage:  70.000
  • Gesamtreichweite: 138.580,00