Lisa. Girl - Let's be friends!

Lisa. Girl –
Let's be friends!

«Lisa. Girl» is the illustrated magazine for girls who want to keep up with the times. In every issue readers can find relevant fashion for all occasions, beauty tips, a novelty of cinema and video, interesting facts from life of celebrities, tests for those who are in love, answers to readers’ letters.  «Lisa. Girl» focuses on topics that are interesting and useful to every girl:

finding matching combinations of clothes, making a hairstyle, creating their individual make-up — all the ways to achieve amazing effect. Attractive design and writing style, high circulation and reasonable price have made magazine «Lisa. Girl» an important part of the young girls’ life.


  • Erscheinungsweise: monatlich
  • Segment: Young Women
  • Copypreis: 29,00 RUR
  • Grundpreis (1/1 Seite 4c): 212.000 RUR
  • Verkaufte Auflage:  160.000
  • Gesamtreichweite: 601.900,00