Lisa. Moj Rebjonok - Magazine for mom and dad

Lisa. Moj Rebjonok –
Magazine for mom and dad

The most popular magazine for parents in Kazakhstan!

Every month this magazine represents the most important information for mothers and fathers which covers all spectrum of interests of young parents. And even more – answers to any questions the parents can have. Calendar of pregnancy, advices and recommendations for future mothers.
The child is born: the first days and months. Chest feeding. The class for mothers: questions are answered by the pediatrician. The manual for fathers: practical guidance for the loving father.
The children 's world: training and creativity. How to find the good nurse. Holiday with the child – how to make it both useful and pleasant. And also: education techniques, children 's psychology, the tasty menu for all family, gymnastics for two and many other things.
Magazine «Lisa. Moj Rebjonok» is a reliable assistant, the kind friend and the adviser during the happiest and such responsible period of life of a family.


  • Erscheinungsweise: monatlich
  • Segment: Family
  • Copypreis: 150,00 KZT
  • Grundpreis (1/1 Seite 4c): 342.690 KZT
  • Verkaufte Auflage:  35.000
  • Gesamtreichweite: 37.450,00