Lisa - Ukraine - All colors of life for you

Lisa - Ukraine –
All colors of life for you

Why Lisa?

  • The highest cover of ukrainian women
Intelligent entertainment meets service: LISA possesses a unique mix of entertainment and information that attracts working women, young homemakers and mothers, single women or women in relationships. Whatever their situation, LISA readers are well-educated and enjoy an above-average household income.

The magazine's topical palette is diverse and surprising. The separate categories of interest are overseeable, clearly structured and easy to read. Information and tips are compactly presented in a visually impressive way.

And here they are:

  • Current, wearable fashions at affordable prices -- with included sources
  • Practical tips for body and soul, daily beauty care.
  • Decorating suggestions that can be realized in any apartment.
  • An extensive food magazine with practical tips for enjoyable dining, with recipes to clip and save
  • Reports on people and their lives
  • A comprehensive travel section featuring beautiful vacation spots and valuable information.
  • Fresh topics on love and partnership
  • Current health and medical topics and competent advice on prevention.
  • Every week, puzzles and attractive sweepstakes prizes.


  • Erscheinungsweise: wöchentlich
  • Segment: Women
  • Copypreis: 6,95 UAH
  • Grundpreis (1/1 Seite 4c): 6.630 EUR
  • Verkaufte Auflage:  102.000
  • Gesamtreichweite: 497.470,00 MMI Ukraine ' 2014/4 + 2015/1